Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia, which is launched at 2001 by Larry Sanger and Jimmy Wales


you can also use wikipedia in your phone


Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that is launched in 15 January 2001.

It consists of over 30 millions of articles in 287 different language. The name wikipedia comes from the word wiki which means quick in Hawaiian and encyclopedia. 

Unlike other online encyclopedia, Wikipedia allows outside edit which means that everyone using that page can edit that page, unless the page is protected by the owner of that page.

After you edit the page it will update immediately.


The most common vandalism in Wikipedia is that people edit the page and change the infomation of the page to some other useless information, or maybe in some case some people will insert some information to advertise some product or stuff. 


Advantage of Wikipedia is that it there is many of different information in this website, from information about movie to information different people. You can find most of the information you wanted to find in here including some theory, history and many different things. Also because everyone can edit the page, so that most of the information will be very accurate.


Also, because everyone can edit the page in Wikipedia, so some times you may can have some fake information mix in the real information, so some of the infomation can be inaccurate. And that maybe some information in Wikipedia can be baised or maybe in some case it can be very radical. So before you use Wikipedia you better check where does the information comes from and is it correct.

History of Wikipedia

See History of Wikipedia

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