==Background and History== The first concept of making an online encyclopedia is not from Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger. It's from Rick Gates who tried to create Interpedia, but fail due to some problem in the software. Than another person name Richard Stallman printed and document about aim to lay out what free encyclopedia should do. Finally On March 2000 the Nupedia made by the Boris(company of Jimmy Wales) was launched. But the content of Nupedia increases very slow with only 12 articles at the first year. While Larry Sanger was discussing with Ben Kovitz, a computer programmer they thought of making a encyclopedia using the technology wiki, which allows everyone to edit the page and create articles. They introduce this idea to Jimmy Wales and they start working On it. So On the 15 of January 2001 Wikipedia is formally launched. And On February, it already reached 1000 articles and On the first years of it, it already got over 20000 article which means that there is 1500 articles create per month.</span>


2000-Nupedia launched2001-Wikipedia launched 2002-First sister project Wiktionary launched 2003- Wikipedia reached 10000 articles and German Wikipedia reached 10000 articles 2004-1000000 Articles in around 100 articles 2005 most popular reference website   2006-Eng Wikipedia reached 1000000 articles 2007-250 language, over  5000000 edit account 2008-10000000articles and 2500000 articles in English Wikipedia 2009-15million articles 3million English articles and 1million German articles 2010-European Wikipedia service overheat and went offline but fixed immediately 2011-10 anniversary and German Wikipedia reached 100million page edits

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